Taking into account the conviction that tumor cells blossom with sugar, regular confusion the blend of preparing pop and nectar or maple syrup is not valuable for growth treatment. Then again, there’s more confirmation that this mix is in truth greatly wellbeing advantageous.

There’s additionally investigative clarification why this mix is especially powerful in disease treatment. The thing is tumor cells eat sugar – they expend 15x more glucose than solid cells.

When you blend sugar-rich maple syrup or nectar with soluble sodium bicarbonate, the two tie together and by focusing on the “sugar hungry” tumor cells, maple syrup/nectar sneaks the heating pop into the cells. So the nectar/maple syrup acts like a “Trojan horse” in this case.

Preparing pop, then again, is exceptionally soluble, which implies it either executes the disease microorganism (makes it rest) inside the growth cell making the phone return to ordinary.

On the other hand, its alkalizing impact advances a quick pH move that wrecks the cell. The high alkalinity really gives more oxygen access to the cells than it can endure and the cell is returned or executed before the sugar supply achieves it.


For this straightforward, yet very compelling treatment, you require only 2 basic fixings –baking pop and maple syrup or nectar. You blend the two fixings in the accompanying proportion – a teaspoon of heating pop with a tablespoon of nectar maple syrup, or for higher sums, 4 tsp. preparing pop with 4 tbs. maple syrup or nectar.

This sum will suffice for a week. After the fixing mix well, cook over low warmth for 5-10 minutes. Never refrigerate the blend!


Take 1 tsp. of this blend 1-3 times each day all the time, for maybe a couple months. Ensure you don’t take the cure excessively near mealtimes. It’s additionally critical to adhere to a sound eating routine amid the treatment and this way to eliminate your meat admission, and cut out sugar and white flour.

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