Easter is a holiday where even the most distant of families get together in a close manner, to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead as described in the bible, and the days of celebration are meant to be spent in peace, love and overall forgiveness.

We have been following the Trump family for quite some time now to know that they are highly religious people of faith, and that when it comes to celebrating holidays, they can be sure looked up to as a real example of what family time means and how it should be spent.


A picture was posted this afternoon by our lovely first lady Melania Trump, where you can her and her husband, President Donald Trump, all dressed up and ready for the celebration. But it was not the day spent at the Mar-a-Lago with the whole Trump family gathered that broke the internet, instead, it was seeing the two love-birds all smiling and shining with happiness.

What can we say about this… SPEECHLESS!

Melania is simply gorgeous! She appeared in an elegant white dress with a golden belt and neon peach high heels. Her hair was styled similar as in her White House official portrait.

We finally have class in the White House. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful First Lady! She brings so much hope for the entire country.

The picture without a doubt, won and melted the hearts of millions of Trump supporters, which is why we are hoping to see more pictures like these surfacing often. We just hope that the liberal leftists will keep their mouth shut and not attempt to find anything to run their mouths for on this one…

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