In case that you think that you have the most ideal approach to defrost food in a matter of seconds, you ought to reconsider.

Examines have demonstrated that every one of us have been defrosting food the wrong way. Researcher Susan Eksted said that what a great many people are doing is a major mix-up. After her, leaving the food in the refrigerator overnight to gradually defrost is totally off-base!

Dr. Susan claims that the most ideal approach to defrost the food is to place it in icy water, and not to know all of the myths about food. Along these lines you will save the essence of the food, on the grounds that the water conducts warm superior to anything air.

Likewise this is the quickest approach to defrost meat and fish.

“Scientists have long known this, as well as professional chefs, but people are not aware of this useful trick,” she says.

The best way to defrost meat, according to Susan, is to wrap the meat in a transparent foil and put it in cold water.

Exploring why people usually apply the method of defrosting the food in the refrigerator, scientists have concluded that this is probably because they believe that this is the most hygienic way.

In addition you should know that those who defrost meat in a microwave are also making a big mistake, because this process can damage the meat a lot. Even though you can use this meat to prepare many meals, you need to avoid defrosting your meat in a microwave.